Fostex FE127E (8Ohm)

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Fostex FE127E (8Ohm)
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‘ES cone’ paper made of banana plant’s fiber Newly designed center cap Repulsion type magnetically shielded circuit Ferrite magnet

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fostex
Code FE127E-8
Ref FE127E
Sub-reference -
Nominal diametre 5" / 13cm
Impedance (Zn) 8
Car brand N/A
Fréquence de résonance (en Hz) -
Speaker type N/A
Connector N/A
Packaging 1
Product type Cone driver
Datasheet Internal link Fostex FE127E

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Between 8 and 26 days

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42 days
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Drawing & Mounting

Drawing & Mounting Fostex FE127E

Measure SPL & Impedance vs Frequency

Measure SPL & Impedance vs Frequency

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