Audax HM210C0 (8Ohm)


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Audax HM210C0 (8Ohm)
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Designed for high end 2 or 3-way self standing systems, this 8" Bass-Midrange driver offers the advantages of a very stiff and light woven Carbon Fiber cone coupled to a high loss rubber suspension. Bass reproduction is firm, tight and dynamic while the cone motion is well damped and controlled by the high compliance, high loss ruber surround. Special consideration has been taken to ensute the best possible transient response, and an rxceptionnally natural top end roll-off.

Unobstructed venting of the Zamack die cast chassis, coupled with a grill protected, vented pole piece and a soft polymer dustcap all contribute to the dramatic transient response. High power handling results from the flat, edgewound copper coil mounted onto a fiberglass reinforced Kapton voice coil former. Gold plated terminals offer excellent solderability. The "suggested applications" charts indicate various driver loads, including the box alignment used to measure the response curve (Vb REF). The response curves shown on the diaphragm indicate the predicted low end response of the driver in the suggested box volume (Vb) with suggested port (Dp-Lp).

Additional Information

Manufacturer Audax
Code HM210C0-8
Ref No
Sub-reference -
Nominal diametre 8.5" 22cm
Impedance (Zn) 8
Car brand N/A
Fréquence de résonance (en Hz) -
Speaker type N/A
Connector N/A
Packaging 1
Product type Cone driver
Datasheet Internal link Audax

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